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Dia Dhuit! (Jee-ah Ghwit) --Hello!

2012-03-08 01:39:46 by MadiiMcMadbrane

'Ello! Me name is Madii McMadbrane! I am an amateur music artist in techno and trance, with a side project in Portal-esque music. I am also workin' on becoming a voice actress, so to anyone that would like me to voice a character for a video or web comic, I am great with British, American, Irish and Finnish Accents. I can also do one hell of a GLaDOS impression! Oh, and for any Disney fan, I can do the original Lilo and of course the blue wrecking ball himself, Stitch.

My aim is to please, if you have any requests, please don't hesitate!

Thank you!



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